The Miwok people ate different species of fish, including salmon (tukuunu; Elena McCauley or Rose Darrow).  The generic Miwok word for fish is lapiisayu (Elena McCauley, Nick Villa Sr. or Rose Darrow).


Samuel Barrett recorded from Jesus Oliver the Mokelumne people never had trout, no name for it.  They called a small species of salmon by the name ta’lpata, a word also used by the Northern Miwok in Ione.


The following phrase was recorded by Coca Cross with Manuel Jeff from West Point, translates as “lots of fish in the reservoir.” (play)


The Weekly Bee (Sacramento) June 19, 1885


“Charley Forbes and George Flumer came down from Silver lake Tuesday with a load of trout.  They brought 30 dozen and sold them readily in Jackson and on the road at $1 per dozen.  They report fish abundant in the lake, but that they do not bite well.  They bought most of their load from Indians. – Amador Ledger.”


The Daily Bee (Sacramento) July 13, 1882


“Says the Amador Dispatch:  We are told that salmon trout weighing as high as ten pounds exist in considerable numbers in the Mokelumne river near Lancha Plana.  The river would soon be well stocked with this and other species of the finny tribe were it not for the fall caused by the dam across the river near the point.  If those who built or own the dam persist in the refusal to erect suitable fish ladders, the thing ought to be blown up with Giant powder.”


The Ione Valley Echo January 14, 1932


“It has been reported that various parties have lately seen very large salmon in Dry Creek and also in Jackson Creek.  It is quite an unusual occurance to see salmon in these small creeks.”


The following accounts were gathered in 2021, funded through a grant from the First Nations Development Institute:


Trout Fishing


Faye Bell talks about her grandfather (Frank Walloupe) trout fishing

Dennis Hendricks talks about trout fishing



Salmon (tukuunu, Elena McCauley)


Faye Bell talks about her grandfather (Frank Walloupe) salmon fishing in the Cosumnes River

Dennis Hendricks talks about salmon and other fish